Shoot and Loot on the MOOOOOOOOOON!

Why yes, I have been playing a lot of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (see, it comes between Borderlands and Borderlands 2). In fact, last night I was so much playing it that I forgot to stop and watch Sleepy Hollow!

This game takes place on Elpis, the moon of Pandora. Elpis has no atmosphere and low gravity, so you have to have an oxygen supply but also you get to do all kinds of great jumps! And they have platforms that will jump you even higher! If you’re a fan of jumping — and I’ve made it clear I am — then this is the game for you!

I’m playing as Nisha, the Lawbringer. My take on her is that she has no interested in two-handed weapons, so I’m only using pistols and SMGs (and, okay, I’m carrying around a rocket launcher because sometimes that’s what you need.) I’ve also been playing some with the new laser guns, but I haven’t found one I like enough yet to dump my pistols for. Nisha’s special ability is the Showdown, which gives you a little sting of “western” music and then turns you into an amazing gun machine for a few seconds. The skill tree I’m working on has me getting bonuses on shooting from the hip (not aiming) so that’s a fun change of pace as well.

I’ve joked in the past that Pandora, the planet the other games are set on, has a harsh climate, insane and vicious wildlife, and a population of criminals and savages. In other words, Australia. Well, Borderlands TPS was done by the legitimately Australian division of 2K, so that joke of mine is now being repaid in full. The citizens of Elpis all have Australian accents (except the few ported in from previous games and Nurse Nina) and speak in Australian slang (or at least the Australian slang they use for things like Outback steakhouse.) I’m not that far in yet, despite hours of play, so I haven’t met too many major characters yet.

Someone commented to me that it looked like “just more Borderlands” which is not entirely wrong. There are some new ideas here. The oxygen thing requires oxygen tanks, a new type of gear that doesn’t just store O2 (or “Oz”) but also allows venting some to boost or change jumps in the low gravity. You can even suddenly slam down from being airborne for an area attack. Laser guns are also new. The character classes seem to not be retreads of previous ones. There’s a new machine that can turn junk equipment into less junky equipment, a la a Horadric Cube. But a lot of it is very much more of the same. If you’re me, though, that’s exactly what you want and therefore not a problem. (I will say that the lack of variety in landscapes throws back a little too much to the original Borderlands, which some folks might not like.)

Oh, but the biggest difference? So far you’re working with a hero named Handsome Jack.

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