I’m Finally Getting Around to Trying That Gum You Like

It changed the shape of dramatic (and non-dramatic) television, its influence reverberates through pop culture to this day, and people still make references to it. Yet, I’ve never actually seen Twin Peaks.

When it was in its heyday, I wasn’t really watching TV. I was at LSU, the only TV I had was a little black-and-white thing, and I wasn’t really following much about television at the time. I knew of it, sure, but I didn’t pay much attention. By the time my situation had changed, it had ended, some folks were disappointed, and it ended up just passing me by.

The recent announcement of a return to Twin Peaks got people talking, and I realized that I’d seen so many things that were influenced by it but not actually seen the show itself. And it’s on Netflix, so why not?

Thus, Saturday night, Agent Dale Cooper and I entered the town of Twin Peaks, population 51,201.

Of course, I know how the whole thing goes, more or less. I know a lot of the plot points, I know about BOB, I know that it fizzles more than ends, and I know that the movie doesn’t really help anything. I know what I’m getting into, story-wise. Even so, I wasn’t really prepared for just how weird the show is. We’ve only watched three episodes and already it’s fat-packed with characters and intrigue and high strangeness. I also didn’t realize how laugh-out-loud funny it is, especially Kyle MacLachlan, who is one of my favorite people in the world. His bizarre enthusiasm for everything is a great take, as he’s supposed to be the “outsider” who we view all this oddness through, but he’s just as weird.

I can’t wait to watch more of it. It’s amazing it got on network TV, and we have it to thank for changing the entire landscape.

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