Kathy Sierra on Trolls (Read This Now)

I’m linking to this because it’s a powerful encapsulation of the bullshit that women in the tech industry have to go through every goddamn day for ten years from assholes like the #GamerGate morons. Kathy Sierra is a software developer who was the victim of a massive harassment campaign several years ago which nearly drove her out of the industry. This is the exact kind of campaign that women such as Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and others still have to deal with. What she’s had to deal with should appall and sicken anyone, but the kinds of people who were behind it just recently got Intel to pull advertising from some game sites to avoid making them upset.

I would have added this to my weekly link roundup, but Sierra is going to be removing it from this link soon, so it needs to be shared as soon as possible.

Wired magazine has reposted it (with her permission) but in their wisdom they put the standard comment section underneath it, and you already know how that’s gone.

Well done, Wired. Way to be “helpful”. Wired apparently feels we need to hear both sides of constant aggressive harassment so we can form a more valid opinion on it.

So don’t go there, read it at Sierra’s site while you can.

Trouble at the Koolaid Point

I especially cheered for this:

Yes, sure, “don’t feed the trolls” has been the standard advice, a bullshit talking point propagated by trolls to blame their targets. “You brought this on. You don’t want this? Don’t engage.” Except that’s not actually true. It’s the opposite of true, once you’ve been personally targeted.

As any parent of a two-year old can tell you, ignoring the child usually leads to escalation. Cry harder, scream louder, and in the most desperate scenarios, become destructive. Anything to get the attention they crave. Simply moving on is not an option for the haters once you’ve been labeled a Koolaid server and/or a rich source of lulz. Ignore them, and the trolls cry harder, scream louder, and become destructive.

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