The Graveyard of Dead Website Features

It’s occurred to me that I used to have a number of regular or semi-regular “features” on this site that have kind of fallen by the wayside. Rather than just have them disappear unmourned, I thought I’d take a look at them and explain what happened.

Project UFO

What it Was: Me recapping episodes of the late-70s TV show about two Air Force guys investigating “high strangeness”.

Here They Are: project_ufo tag

Last Seen: December 21, 2012, which I think was the apocalypse.

Why It Stopped: The show is just bad. It’s not entertainingly bad, just plain bad. It’s boring and flat and humorless. And the episodes are all pretty much the same type of thing over and over. There’s just not much to mine from this.

Possibility of Return: Very low. I watched one more episode after this one and even though it was set in France, it still had little to work with.

Five Songs

What it Was: Another attempt for me to somehow get back into listening to and discovering new music.

Here They Are: five_songs tag

Last Seen: April 18, 2014.

Why It Stopped: I’m kind of okay with just listening to the stuff I already like.

Possibility of Return: Moderate. People still ask me about this one, and I guess I should at least do the stuff that was already suggested. I liked the one set I did do well enough. But I just can’t get into it.

This Used to Be the Future

What it Was: Me getting big laffs from old Silver Age science-fiction comics.

Here They Are: Table of Contents

Last Seen: December 20th, 2013.

Why It Stopped: My pool of comics to work with ran dry. There’s only so many times you can go to the Mystery in Space well.

Possibility of Return: Moderate-to-High. Though I don’t see this becoming regular, I’m pretty sure I’ll stumble into some weirdo comic to use for this. Still, I already did a bunch of these and how many do we need?

The Final Volume

What it Was: A mystery about the assassination of Supreme Court Chief Justice Leroy “Encyclopedia” Brown

Here They Are: final_volume tag

Last Seen: The last chapter was on January 31, 2014, but pal Nigel provided fan art on February 7.

Why It Stopped: I hadn’t really planned out the mystery well and I couldn’t figure out how to get from where I was to something that would ultimately make sense.

Possibility of Return: Low. I don’t have a talent for writing fiction and you aren’t missing out on much. But who knows, maybe I’ll get some inspiration.

Let’s Look at the Record

What it Was: A look at albums that had a big influence on me.

Here They Are: lets_look_at_the_record tag

Last Seen: February 14, 2014.

Why It Stopped: Do we really need another feature where I talk about my past?

Possibility of Return: Moderate. There’s at least one more album that could be involved here, but honestly I think I have covered and re-covered this ground.

My Weird Musical Memories of the 70s

What it Was: Looking at 70s Top 40 charts and seeing what of that stuff I had any memory of.

Here They Are: 70s tag

Last Seen: December 18, 2013.

Why It Stopped: See: “Let’s Look at the Record”.

Possibility of Return: Nil.

Bus Off a Cliff Comics

What it Was: Incisive political satire.

Here They Are: bus_off_a_cliff tag

Last Seen: September 28, 2012.

Why It Stopped: I stopped using it because I didn’t have to stop using it.

Possibility of Return: Nil.

If one of these was your favorite, I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine that’s much of the case.

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