Christmas Christmas Christmas

We’re knee-deep in Christmas over here. Well, ankle-deep, at least, since last night’s snow comes to about six inches. Beebo, the most stubby-legged among us, isn’t thrilled about this, but it does make everything look nice and Christmas-y.

We’ve got our tree up and decorated, the house is adorned festively, our cards have been sent, and Christmas music has wafted from the CD player. So we’re definitely in the spirit of things here, despite the pervasive conspiracy to eliminate Christmas as a holiday.

Becky got one of her presents early — a pizzelle maker. Pizzelles are little waffle-like lacy cookies that are yummy good, and we’ve been enjoying those.

So far we’ve managed to do all our shopping on-line or at places other than the mall, so we’ve been able to avoid that nightmare. We did wander over to the Enfield mall weekend-before-last to go to Target (for regular Target stuff, not anything Christmas related) and so got a little taste of the madness there.

Some gifts have been exchanged. Some of the chizat group did Sekrit Santar again this year, and my Kovert Kringle, Tuxz0r, got me the new special edition Iron Giant DVD. My gaming group all chipped in to get TJ a Modern Myths gift certificate in appreciation for his Game Mastering. So good cheer is also in the air.

Also, a few weekends ago, we got to see Amy, who was in town to visit Beth, which was great. After the holidays we’ll be visiting friends and seeing the new homes of Jeff and Gabe, Karen, and my dad.

So who says we hate Christmas and want it to go away? Not me! You must be thinking of Easter.

(While I’m here, good luck to April on her upcoming interviews! and congrats to Christine on her new job!)

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