Another Goddamn Mass Shooting

One person tried to use a shoe bomb on an airplane and thirteen years later everyone still has to take their shoes off to board a plane. But here’s yet another mass gun murder of several innocent people and we still do nothing. When are you assholes going to realize that NO ONE IS TAKING YOUR GUNS AWAY. You won. You can have all the guns you want. The only “gun control” that came out of Newtown was we had a brief discussion of how many bullets you get to fire at a child before having to reload and the quickly-reached consensus was, “as many as you want”.

Believe me, we who don’t worship the trigger and the magazine are completely aware that we’ve lost, that we will never have a gun policy in this country that isn’t decided by the most insane gun fetishists. We fully realize that the NRA owns every inch of the gun “debate”. We’ve resigned ourselves to living in the only industrialized nation that goes through this shit on a near-weekly basis. All we ask is that you knock off the fake martyrdom and victimhood and paranoia about your precious, beloved guns being taken away. You won. Go celebrate by buying yet another goddamn gun.

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