You Can’t Declare War on Women, We’re ALREADY at War with Them

We started out Memorial Day with the latest mass-shooting by a legally-armed lone-nut. What set this case aside from the others was the alleged trigger and target for Elliot Rodger: he was a “nice guy” who was furious that women spurned him (or hypothetically spurned him, since it doesn’t seem he actually approached them) romantically and sexually.

The befedoraed nice guy in the friendzone is now a standard cliche on the Internet. There are seemingly endless numbers of gentlemen who would treat women like the sacred flowers they are if only the stuck-up bitches would put out. Yet, sadly, the “females” refuse to acknowledge their superior mate qualities and instead put these poor guys into the “friendzone”, insisting they only want to be friends while they then give it up for dumb, hunky inferiors who probably can’t even tell a katana from a wakizashi.

Lol, fedoras, and all, but it’s not really that funny, since these guys are often rape-threatening loudmouths at “best” and this weekend they became mass murderers and terrorists at worst.

Rodger, despite a clear manifesto and call to action, won’t be called a terrorist by most sources because he didn’t seek to threaten the capital of rich white men. All he did was refer to women as a plague to be abolished, and then set about seeing what he could do towards that end.

In the wake of any such crisis there are the predictable responses. The NRA will say that somehow more guns would have prevented this. Their toadies will point out that Rodger ran over people in his car as well, so should we ban cars? Congress will wring their hands and say there’s nothing that really could have prevented this, since Rodger was a lone nut, so they can feel content doing nothing. The religious right will blame it on gays and abortion. We have tragically seen this movie so many times recently that we know all the lines.

What I think people weren’t expecting to see, however, was not merely a complete disinterest in the violent misogyny that fueled Rodger’s hatred, but an almost universal shrugging of shoulders and muttering of, “it sucks, but you gotta admit, women really are kind of whores.” As the New York Post scrambled to publish swimsuit pictures of the girl who supposedly “lit the fuse that turned him into a murderous madman”, Twitter lit up with “nice guys” who suggested that instead of a good guy with a gun, all this tragedy needed to stop it was a good gal with a vagina. The overwhelming message was that men are just a bunch of vengeful savages who aren’t responsible for their actions, and if they don’t get what they want, well, sometimes these things happen.

Women, of course, were unsurprised by this, having gone their whole lives hearing about how any physical, emotional, or mental abuse they suffer is their own fault. Some men rushed to the defense of their gender, bleating the impotent refrain of “Not all men!” hoping that the fact that they personally may not have sexually harassed a woman (much) earns them some kind of decency medal as one of the good guys who, as a result, should be considered as prime sex material. It’s understandable in this case, when one of your tribe has done something awful, to stand up and say, “Hey, he’s not what we’re all about and I don’t support him!” but there’s only so far that such declarations go. (Especially if we type “Not all men!”, turn off the computer, and then consume some more of the mass of woman-hating media that flourishes in our country.)

And we know what those who were in the same sad boat as Rodger felt afterwards, because they too have let us know, declaring him a hero and a tragic victim of the misandrist feminazi menace.

In American media parlance, “terrorists” attack us, but “lone nuts” attack them. If a Muslim man kills several non-Muslims, he’s a terrorist. If a non-Muslim shoots up a mosque, he’s a lone nut and who knows what could have spurred such unreasonable hatred. Rodger isn’t a terrorist because he didn’t go after us, the white men of the world, he went after women. If killing off women in mass numbers were a real crime, prime-time television would be serving multiple life sentences. Instead he’s yet another mysterious enigma we’ll never be able to understand (despite a 141-page manifesto) and only the purchasing of more guns can possibly stop.

If someone declared war on the 1% and then provided a body count to back it up, you can damn sure bet there would be regular two minute hates directed at them on all fronts. This weekend someone declared war on 51% and well, boys will be boys. Honestly, though, given what women are already put through with the full sanction of the law and society, what’s a couple more dead ones?

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