Trailer Trash

To segue from my Lost post into movies, let me say that I don’t watch much TV in general, and yet it seems that every single show I do watch is sponsored solely by the movie Flight of the Phoenix. Am I just lucky or is that movie now paying for all TV? The damn doesn’t even open for two more weeks and already I don’t care if I never hear about it again.

Speaking of movies, there’s two trailers making the rounds and inspiring a lot of chatter. The first is the trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The general consensus on this is: why? The original movie is a classic. People love it. Gene Wilder’s magnificent. Why did we need another one? Fresh off his highly successful Planet of the Apes remake, Tim Burton decides to give us something new and different: Johnny Depp, psychedelics, and Danny Elfman music. I’ve always felt Burton was way, way overrated, and nothing about this trailer makes me feel otherwise.

The second trailer…when I read War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, I thought to myself, “This is okay, but I really wish it were set in the present day and starred Tom Cruise.” Behold, Steven Spielberg has answered my prayers! Again I ask, why? The 1953 movie is great. Why not make one true to the book? Instead of making pointless remakes, Cruise and Spielberg should be making pointless sequels, like Minority Report 2: Minoritier Report!.

It baffles me that an absurd amount of money will be spent to make two movies that are completely unnecessary. Although reaction to both of these trailers has been lukewarm (particularly the former), I know there are people right now who can’t wait to see a movie they already CAN see.

Knock it off, Hollywood.

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