But…That’s What They Said…

Besides the obvious, the most tragic recent news was that a friend of ours has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s going to be undergoing all sorts of treatments for this, including chemotherapy. Thoughts and prayers are welcome. To show solidarity, I’m planning on shaving my head. We wish her the best of luck on this.

On a lighter note, we’ve gotten all sorts of responses on the leaf pool. The various bids we have so far are, in order, 28, 37, 42, 43, and 53. As you following at home can see, this weekend wasn’t exactly productive in that arena: only 5 more bags added to the tally. Frankly, we’re running out of places to put them before Friday, when they’ll get picked up. I plan on trying to get a lot more done this week, though.

What were we doing instead of raking? We were rolling stuff up into a ball. Yes, I bought the PS2 game ‘Katamari Damacy’ and if that sounds Japanese to you, you’re partly right. It is, in fact, VERY Japanese, making little to no damn bit of sense. However, it’s a lot of fun. You play the prince, trying to recreate the stars that the King of All Cosmos accidentally knocked out of the sky while on a bender. You do this by rolling a ball around a house, picking up items that stick to it. As more items stick, the ball gets bigger, and can pick up bigger things. You start picking up thumbtacks and candy, and eventually you’re rolling up buildings and whales and stuff. And the soundtrack is great as well.

Dan was over yesterday and played for about ten minutes. When he left, he immediately went out and bought himself a copy. You can find this little gem at Electronics Boutiques or GameStops for only $20.

I also got some Eberron in on Thursday night. The good news is, the evil Baron, our nemesis, died. The bad news is, so did I. The worse news is, so did everyone else. The brief and uninspiring career of Grep the Bard ended in a Pyrrhic victory, and now the group is discussing what will be played next.

One more thing: I’d like to welcome my Dad to the internet. He finally got access and seems to be enjoying it, despite coming to my site. Have fun dad!

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