Dave Finally Watches: Pacific Rim (2013)

Hot on the heels of The Big Lebowski came Pacific Rim, and even though Becky’s currently out of town she was okay with me watching without her. So Wednesday night I cooked first-night-that-Becky-is-away dinner (popcorn) and fired it up.

The verdict? I liked it. Liked it a bunch, really. It’s a fun time with some cool scenes and a bit of heart. As I watched, I was reminded of two other movies. In a way, Pacific Rim was like Independence Day, only if that movie wasn’t quite as dumb. (To be sure, PR still has a lot of dumbness, but ID really raised the bar on that front.) The other movie I was reminded of was Speed Racer, a movie that similarly established a highly-improbable world and then committed to it almost 100%.

Some folks complained about the scenes in Pacific Rim when there weren’t giant mechas beating up monsters. I can understand that, though the “will the Asian woman get to pilot a Jaeger” plot wasn’t nearly as tiresome to me as the “asshole rival who eventually shows grudging respect” plot.

Honestly, I kind of wish Pacific Rim had been a sequel. I’d like to have seen the first fifteen minutes of the movie in detail. The establishment of the danger, the failed first attempts to stop it, the Jaeger program, the pilots as rock stars: this could have been a pretty cool movie in its own right. Still, the movie we got isn’t bad at all.

The actors weren’t anything special, though I went through about an hour thinking that Charlie Day was Sam Rockwell. And although Pal Dave said that no one in history was ever named “Stacker Pentecost” I would argue that if anyone was, that dude would be. Then there was Burn Gorman. That guy has been creeping me out ever since Torchwood days. Face like a grinning skull, that guy; every second he’s on the screen is like a memento mori admonishing me to flee worldly vanities.

So thumbs up for Pacific Rim. And if the idea if me watching two movies within a one-week time-span is giving you a bit of vertigo, then you might not want to know that a third one may get watched later today.

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