I Had That! #4: Watchmen T-Shirt

I talk a lot about comics but, truth be told, I wasn’t much of a comics reader growing up. Put it this way: I was nuts about Star Wars and yet I didn’t really buy the Star Wars comics. They didn’t feel like Star Wars to me, and I wasn’t enough of a comics buyer to even keep up with them. I’ve talked about my spotty comics history here.

In 1989 I met Jody at LSU and he sort of caught me up on current comics. Through him I got into Sandman, Doom Patrol, and Watchmen. I loved Watchmen, even though my first couple of readings of it were pretty superficial.

More than I wanted to explore the history and ideas in the book, I wanted a t-shirt. Now kids, back in those days you didn’t have your Zazzles and your Spreadshirts and what-not. You wanted a shirt, you had two options: hope they made one you liked and could find in your comics shop or head down to the mall to the airbrush guy. That’s what I did.

I told him what I wanted an what I didn’t want (neon-tube-looking writing and such, as was the prevailing airbrush style.) And he delivered more or less exactly what I asked for. To this day, however, the fact that the eyes on the smiley face are asymmetrical bugs me.

I wore this shirt with great pride and got some compliments on it. In fact, I’m not exactly sure when it fell out of the t-shirt rotation, as it still fits. It’s currently preserved with a number of other shirts that I no longer wear but can’t bring myself to get rid of. You may see some of those in the future.

When did I get it? I went to LSU in the Fall of ’89. I probably got this in early ’90, but I’m not 100% sure.

Do I still have it? Yes I do!

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