Leaf Update

In the upper right corner of the page is the “Leaf Update.” As of this writing, it reads “28”. What is this an indicator of? This is how many 30-gallon bags of leaves we’ve raked and bagged so far this Fall. We’ve done 28 bags so far, with more to go. In fact, if you would like to make it interesting, we can start a pool. Email your guesses for the final tally and win some kind of prize, I don’t know what. This will be done Price-is-Right style: whoever is closes to the final number (determined by how many bags we do before either we declared the job done or it snows, whichever comes first) without going over will win.

For those who want to make an informed guess, here are the stats in play. We’ve got two big trees that are more or less done dumping leaves on us. There’s a third tree that’s about halfway through. Last year the total count was somewhere in the forties, but we didn’t do a fantastic job. As a wildcard, our neighbor across the street blows his leaves out into the street, and many undoubtedly end up in our yard. And it’s super windy right now, so there’s no telling how many leaves are departing our yard and coming in from others’.

Incidentally, these numbers only reflect the front and sides of the house. The backyard we won’t deal with at all until Spring, probably.

So get those guesses in! I promise the prize will be amazing!

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