“Bonjour! Les Pommes Sont Rouges et Je Suis Désolé.”

I took three years of French in high school. I took something like four semesters in college. I should know me some French by now but the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t a very good student. Most of it fell completely off my brain. I’m pretty sure the only reason I passed my final French class at LSU was because otherwise that teacher would have to hear my tortured phrasing again. Better to admit defeat and walk away, on both our parts.

I’ve been meaning to address that for some time, but only recently have I earnestly tried to get back on track with it. This is for two reasons. First, we’re still thinking of a 20th anniversary trip to Paris and I’d like to have some level of comprehension. Second, I need to get around to translating a boardgame I bought that was published in French (Eollis: Pirates des Vents, which I don’t think is very good but dammit, I want to translate it.)

I’ve been using an iPad app called “Duolingo” (which is also a website). It’s totally free, and so far it’s not bad for getting me going. I’d also like to get my hands on some French comics, kid stuff that I can learn with. Even if Paris is a ways off, Montreal is right nearby.

Here’s my current standings on Duolingo with just a week under my belt:

I can tell you all about people who are calm and rich and red apples. I can also apologize for the red apples. I’m learning food next so soon I’ll be able to tell you if a hamburger is masculine or feminine.

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