This is the Way We Blow the Snow

A few months ago we got a snow blower. Becky’s back situation was such that she wouldn’t be able to help much with shoveling, and if I do it all by myself, I will die. So we dropped the cash on a Craftsman 26″ jobbie.

Man, this thing is nice. It chews through the snow with no problem. I can do our driveway and sidewalks in about 15-20 minutes. In fact, it’s so easy that I go ahead and do the walks of my neighbors as well, because why not? It’s very little effort for me and I know it makes a big difference for someone who’s shoveling.

It’s especially nice for after the plow has been down the street. That always pushes a giant wall of packed snow into the end of the driveway and it’s murder trying to clear that with a shovel. The snow-blower, on the other hand, can make short work of it.

Here are a couple of movies of me clearing this morning’s snow (about 5-6 inches). We’ve gotten about another inch since and are supposed to get more. The videos are formatted weird because they were taken in portrait mode and I converted them to landscape.

Snow Blowing 1 from Dave Lartigue on Vimeo.

Snow Blowing 2 from Dave Lartigue on Vimeo.

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