So This is How I’m SUPPOSED to Feel! Huh!

Not long ago I mentioned that I was going to make some changes in what I pushed into my mouth. Here’s what I’ve done in the past month:

  • Cut down my coffee consumption to one cup in the morning, period.
  • Switched to green tea after that coffee (usually one cup) and decaffeinated tea in the afternoon/evening
  • Cut out all the candy and chips and junk, nearly completely.
  • Snacking instead on raw veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, red peppers) with a little bit of dressing or hummus
  • Cutting down on beer to like 2-3 per week

That’s all. Not really huge changes, except for the candy thing, which is a lot. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that’s gone as well as it has (I did buy some licorice the other day, but I didn’t eat it all in one sitting as I used to.)

Nevertheless, it has made a huge difference. For the first time in years I am not tired all the freaking time. I have that cup of coffee in the morning and I’m good the entire rest of the day. In fact, this morning I didn’t even have coffee, I had a cup of chai tea instead, and I’m fine. No 2:30 wall, no being ready for bed at 8, no getting off of work and not feeling like doing anything. I’ve gone two weekends now of not spending at least one afternoon taking a nap. I just feel so much better.

Used to be when I went to bed at night, if I tried to read I’d get a few pages down and then crash. Nowadays I read entire graphic novels and more before I finally am ready to sleep, and I sleep soundly, and I wake up feeling refreshed, not wishing I could sleep more. It’s a huge difference.

There’s more on the way. I plan to be hitting the gym soon (before I never had the energy for it). I want to be a bit more active.

I think what has worked for me is that first off, I’m not doing anything too drastic or burdensome. Second, what I am doing appeals to my finely-honed sense of laziness. Tea is just plain easier to make than coffee. Not going to the drugstore and buying junk food is easier than doing so (when I bought the licorice I was there picking up a prescription.) When we do the grocery shopping and I come home with raw veggies, I immediately chop em up and put them in a container in the fridge so that later me can just open the door and find them there. The gym is going to be harder because I have to actually make an effort to do it, but at least now I have more energy to do so!

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