Cheap Games R Us

Sometimes it’s hard to keep my mouth shut. The other day I was in Toys R Us, looking at the Legos, and there was a young couple there, guy and girl. He was talking about how cool certain sets were, and then she says, “Yeah, but how many lego sets are there for girls?”

Of course I wanted to say, “Umm…all of them?” I’ve never been required to show my penis when purchasing legos, though I’ve sometimes considered doing it anyway, and last I checked, the same lego bricks that make cars and spaceships and Harry Potter scenes can also be used to make buildings, kitchen appliances, romantic comedies — whatever a girl might be interested in. That’s kind of what lego is all about. Ask Sophia!

I ended up saying nothing — and buying nothing. This is not prime Lego time; that’s after Christmas, when you can get sets on HUGE discounts. Well, nothing lego, at least. I was at TRU because they were having a buy two, get one free sale on PS2 games.

I went in hoping to snag and save on some big-ticket games like Champions of Norrath, but not only didn’t they have it, the guy behind the counter had never heard of it and seemed skeptical that it even existed. It does.

So instead I went the other way and got three “Greatest Hits” games. (Whenever a PS2 title sells over a certain amount, I’m not sure what, they release it as a “Greatest Hits” for $20.) I decided to not just buy three platform games but instead got Red Faction (a first-person shooter, I think), Tenchu 3 (ninja stealth game), and Jak and Daxter (a platform game). Dig this, though: Although they’re all marked $19.99, apparently two of them scanned in wrong, because I got all three for $30. That’s the American Dream, that is.

Haven’t played them yet, though, since we’re still banging away on Ratchet and Clank 2, which is just as much fun as the original. Playing it too much, really. The other night at a lovely dinner at Brett’s place I kept looking at the light fixture over his table and thinking I should throw my wrench at it to get bolts.

But the fun and games need to take a break, as the leaves are piling up. Not only do we get to rake ours, but a lot of the neighbor’s too. He’s got this leaf-blower, see, and he blows all the leaves from his yard into the street where, presumably, magic road pixies whisk them away to points unknown. In reality, they just blow into everyone else’s yard so that, yes, the leaves get raked, but not by that jerk. So that needs to be done. There’s also NaNoWriMo starting soon, if I’m going to participate in any way.

I got this in my email today. This is the entire text of the mail. It’s not the hash-busting portion of the message (the fake text designed to thwart spam filters); it’s the entire text. Enjoy!

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ….
That which brings the highest happiness!!

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