We Finally Have Grown-Up Phones

No longer can I insert myself into a conversation just to say, “I don’t even have a cell phone” and then smugly walk away, knowing I’ve blown a few more minds. I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Yep, Becky and I went out this weekend and joined the cell phone revolution. It was time. The pay-as-you-go “burner” we’d been using wasn’t keeping a charge and we were ready to upgrade.

I was actually looking forward to this because I hate talking on the phone. So not only can Becky get calls directly to her, I also have a phone on me that I don’t have to answer. Email and texting is now always an option!

We’ve been playing with our phones all weekend, setting them up the way we want them. I especially liked using mine as an mp3 player yesterday on my way to and from gaming. An always-around camera is nice, and I finally have a timepiece and something that can remind me which is the one Sandman trade I still need if I see it used. So I’m pretty stoked.

Can’t wait to take it to some movies, plays, and symphonies!

Actually, the thing I’m most excited about is how now I can go into every single thread on Board Game Geek about games for iOS and go, “BUT WHAT ABOUT AAAANNNNNDDDDROIIIID”. It seems to be the thing to do!

Speaking of games, the iPad is still the game device. I’ll probably grab a time-waster or two, but I already have a device that’s much better at that sort of thing. I love my iPad, but I will like even more not toting it around to waiting rooms and the like.

And now I have to get going. These sexts and abs-selfies aren’t going to send themselves!

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