Don’t Stop Believin, Hold on to That Fee-lay-ee-in!

Well I’m back on my medication now, so here’s something fun.

Last night, Dan, Jen, TJ, Mary, Becky, and I went to the Iron Horse in Northampton to go listen to Matt Sharp and Goldenboy play. Matt Sharp, for the uninitiated, is the former bassist for Weezer (he played on their first and second albums). Since then he’s done a variety of other projects, including The Rentals (“If you’re friends with P, well then you’re friends with me…”). Goldenboy I was not familiar with before this too much, except for two mp3s of theirs linked on Matt Sharp’s website. This was all Dan’s idea, as he is the biggest Weezer (and related) fan ever.

The show was poorly attended, because of all the Red Sox stuff going on. However, the people there were fortunate enough to see a really good show. The format was unique. Goldenboy is just two guys, and Matt Sharp is just one guy (named Matt Sharp), so they basically just all played each other’s stuff (and some stuff they apparently have collaborated on.) It was all good stuff, and I’m really looking to hear more stuff from both of them.

Here’s a link to Matt Sharp’s website and here’s one to Goldenboy. Here’s two mp3s of theirs you can download:

Twenty Months in a Hailstorm
Almost Perfect

It was an excellent show.

We got to Noho a little later (not too much later, though, thanks to Becky’s speed-demon driving) than expected, so I didn’t pick up any comics this week yet. I might be able to go this afternoon, but I doubt it. No visit to Modern Myths, in addition to no comics, means no Pirates of the Spanish Main, the constructable card game from WizKids that I finally got to play. TJ and I each had a pack and just played with what we had. I started out strong, sinking one of his ships, but then he paralyzed one of mine with plague. Before I could do anything about it (and frankly, there wasn’t much I could do) it too was sunk, and my remaining ship was too puny to prevent his from grabbing all the remaining treasure for…a tie. 12-12. So I wanted to grab another pack so that we could each have a couple more ships on the table and thus some more options. However, TJ’s second pack contained the Revenant, a 5-masted nightmare that makes the seas quake with fear.

TJ and I also played a game of HeroScape and again I lost. I hate that stupid game. No, not really. It’s a really fun game with loads of possibilities.

Do I do anything other than play games? No I do not. Having triumphed over Ape Escape, Becky and I cracked open Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando and have each started it. She’s way ahead of me, getting to play while I’m breaking my back mining coal to put bread on our table.

The only non-game, non-comic book, other news I have concerns what’s become an annual pleasure for me, Sam Adams Octoberfest beer. Now, I’m no beer connoisseur. I’m not even that much of a beer drinker. But I know what I like, and I love Octoberfest. It only comes out this time of year, and I’m always glad to see it. I thought about buying, like, 20 cases and keeping them in the basement so that I could enjoy it year-round, but no, that would be like having Christmas 365 days a year, except that I don’t much like Christmas.

Fall is falling here in New England, and the explosion of colors in the trees, like nature’s own fireworks display, mean that we’ll have to rake the damn yard soon. Probably this weekend, in fact. Last year we got over thirty bags of leaves out of the front yard alone; we’ll keep you updated on this year’s tally.

I leave you with this, the logo for the new Doctor Who series:

Like Sky Captain, I’m looking forward to this more than common sense tells me I should.

FYI, this site will experience a little downtime tomorrow as the server is being moved to a temporary location while my gracious hosts move to St. Louis. So if you aren’t reading this, that’s why.

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