Something to Think About

I was reading an article recently about the Koch brothers, and their bankrolling of various “grassroots” organizations designed to make middle-class (and lower) people angry at anyone poorer than them on behalf of the millionaires who are exploiting them all. This article throws around impressive figures about the millions of dollars the Kochs have given to places like The American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Americans for Prosperity. That sounds like a lot of money and believe me it is: for you and me.

But this is something to keep in mind: the Koch brothers have a combined net worth of $72 billion. Each of those billions is a thousand millions. So every million these guys spend is like a guy with $72,000 spending a single buck. If you had $72,000 in your bank account, how hard would you find it to spend six dollars, especially if those six dollars were almost certainly going to get you more?

Honestly, if I were the CATO Institute and such I’d be kind of pissed off that I’m working for these guys for pocket change.

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