It Turns Out I Enjoy Building With Lego!

This weekend, as foretold by prophecy, I bought a Lego set and built it. And the set I chose for this endeavor?

If this isn’t proof that I don’t really care about the built model, I don’t know what is.

I settled on this set because it wasn’t too expensive and it had a lot of pieces I wanted. A good number of “brick bricks”, some dark green, silver ingots, those white thingers holding up the bank roof, and a lot of architectural elements that I never seem to have too many of because all I ever buy are spaceships. So it was a parts bonanza (that Bilbo house set was a contender because tons of green, but was too expensive).

Turns out, though, it’s a really nifty set. The two buildings are quite cleverly done, almost being mini modular buildings in a way. The bank, especially, is a great example of introducing 45 degree angles into a building without it looking too gappy. And the action features are pretty neat, both buildings featuring variants on walls that bust open, and the hidden cannon above the jail. You can also knock down the bank sign, and the trigger for this doubles as a chandelier that can fall on someone’s head. For figures, you get the Lone Ranger, Tonto, the sheriff, a banker, and a bad guy. It’s really a nifty set in itself, even if you, like the rest of America apparently, don’t give much of a damn about the Lone Ranger. Lego’s done Western-type sets before, but these are a bit more interesting than previous efforts. I’m now pondering a Western strip, based off Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption.

As a bonus, I also happened across Series 11 collectible minifigs, which I bought some of. I opened them, along with some Series 10s I’ve had for months. I got some Series 11s I wanted — yeti, scientist, waitress — but there are a lot of good ones in that set and I really really want a welder or two. Series 10 excited me less, but I got a Bee Girl and Centurion. Naturally I want the Medusa and the Chihuahua. All of this is in addition to my score of the Friends polybag with the hedgehog in it which I don’t know why I didn’t buy more than one of, given that it also has some nice little bricks in it:

So yeah, I’m kind of pumped up about Lego again! (There’s another reason why, but you’ll hear about it later.) And I wasn’t the only one who got some enjoyment out of the Lone Ranger set!

Cappy had fun with it too!

(And it’s a good month to rekindle this interest!)

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