So it looks like Hives Crisis ’13 has more or less run its course, just over a month after it started. The breakouts of hives have been generally fewer and less intense, to the point where twice I’ve gone a couple of days without any itching at all.

This allowed me to try a little experimentation. I had a bit of a flare-up Friday evening, but nothing on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But I suspected a possible culprit, so when I went board gaming on Sunday I brought an old pal, a box of Good and Plenty.

Yes, I’m the person who eats those. I love black licorice and I don’t care who knows it.

I ate them up and by 8:30 or so I was having a breakout. It was gone by Monday and all day Monday and Tuesday I was hives-free. Tuesday evening I ate another box of Good and Plenty and sure enough, hives shortly appeared on my arm and backs of hands.

I didn’t have any on the fateful day when this all started, but I did have some gummy worms that day.

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it seems like there could be a connection to this new-found allergy and candy. I don’t know if it’s the sugar, a dye, or something else, but I’m going to try going several days without anything terribly sweet and see what happens.

I’m my father’s son and have a terrible sweet tooth. It’s funny because I’m generally not crazy about a lot of sweets. Cakes and stuff are often too sweet for me, and I don’t drink much in the way of soda anymore. But candy, hoo-boy. Good and Plenty, M&Ms, gummy bears, Milk Duds, candy bars of all types — I can gobble all of that down like…well, like itself. If I have to give up candy…it won’t be pretty.

But we’ll see. I saw my regular doctor the other day and she’s referring me to an allergist, so we’ll have a pro take a look at it. Maybe he’ll verify that I’m on to something, maybe he’ll tell me to leave WebMD alone. Maybe I’ll just have to save Good and Plenty binges for long weekends.

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