Announcing: Five Songs

In my never-ending quest to lazily find new music by having other folks suggest it to me, I’m starting a thing that will hopefully catch on called “Five Songs”.

It’s very simple. You send me (via Twitter, Facebook, the comments on this post, which I’m turning on, or the “Contact” link under “Elsewhere” on the right) a list of five songs to listen to. They can be songs you think I’d like, songs you like, or awful crap you want me to endure. You can even tell me to listen to things you’re pretty sure I already know and just think I should listen to again. I will listen to them and let you know what I think! Make sure it’s something I can find on YouTube or Spotify.

Five songs. Not albums, songs, unless it’s a single album with five songs on it. They don’t even have to be new songs. I will listen to them and make a post about each set.

In case you’re curious, here are the results from the last time I did something like this.

So come on, help out! It’s like you have a hotline direct to my ears!

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6 Responses to Announcing: Five Songs

  1. pronoblem says:

    The Julie Ruin Oh Come On

    Death Grips Guillotine

    Happy Jawbone Family Band I Have to Speak With Rocky Balboa

    Jeremy Dubs Listen The Snow Is Falling

    Malaikat dan Singa – I Create in the Broken Down System

  2. I can’t access or search Spotify from my location, so I’m just going with stuff I can find on Youtube. If you can get any of this on Spotify I’d recommend listening to it there, since that’s probably legaller.

    John K. Samson – Heart of the Continent (Album: Provincial).
    Hey Rosetta – Yer Spring (Album: Seeds).
    Basia Bulat – Gold Rush (Album: Heart of My Own).
    54-40 – Feast of Ida (Album: Lost in the City).
    Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans – Freeways in the Frontyard (Album: The Falcon Lake Incident).

  3. Strangeattractor says:

    Beautiful and Broken – Terri Clark

    Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

    Barney Google – Ernest Hare and Billy Jones

    Cream – from Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    Kilimanjaro – Juluka

  4. Kevin Lighton says:

    Try again, hopefully without triggering a spam filter (or whatever ate my first attempt):

    Diamond Head: It’s Electric
    The Dismemberment Plan: Do the Standing Still
    Pink Sapphire: All-Weather Girl
    cLOUDDEAD: The Velvet Ant
    Shy: Brave the Storm

  5. Dave H. says:

    Fun! So I’m lately on one of my “latino alternative” kicks, which may not be your thing but I’m guessing you at least haven’t heard most of this stuff:

    Mexican Institute of Sound—Politico

    Bomba Estereo—El Alma y el Cuerpo

    Astro—Panda (Video is NSFW but AWESOME)


    Manu Chao—Me Gustas Tu