Yeah, I Know They Were All Actually Named

So I’m talking to Ken Lowery on Friday and one thing leads to another and suddenly I’m starting a Twitter hashtag game:

And other folks step up:

Who will win Henry VIII, seductive Anne or shapely Gru’Rikka, The Whispering Shadow? #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@kenlowery)

Thora Birch realizes she’s growing apart from The Howling Bride of Eyes #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (me)

I thought Kk’GrunTithmon the 7 Breasted’s tributes to Tom Waits were kinda okay #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@rusty_shackles)

Matt Damon falls for Dagnu the Plumed Serpent, caretaker of his newly-purchased zoo #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@kenlowery)

Ewan McGregor suddenly realizes he’s attracted to the Mother Hydra’s writhing membranes #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@slightdelerium)

Exclusive photos: The Eternal Mother of All Monsters N’Gastara Rama’s phone hacked! #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@calamityjon)

Tsal-Shuggura’s phone is hacked, photos of its pulsating nodules appear on internet #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (me. Jon and I posted these at the exact same time)

The Key and the Gate delivers some tough dialogue about having red in her/its ledger. #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@theisb)

Billy Bob Thornton is shocked when K’Thra The Unspeakable fellates him w/its jawlesss maw #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@jfruh)

I thought the constant close-ups of Shura’nugarai’s ass in THE AVENGERS were pretty gross #ReplaceScarlettJohannsonWithUnnamableCosmicHorror (@dorianwright)

There are plenty more.

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