Hooray for BOO!

BOO! is a four-issue digital-only weekly comic coming from Monkeybrain. It’s Halloween themed, and each issue has spoooooky short stories. It would be a bargain if it cost one dollar an issue and it’s actually a penny less than that, so really, there’s no down side here.

Just take a look at this roster of talent: Calamity Jon Morris. David Hopkins. RJ White. Leonard Pierce. Paul Milligan. Carl Nelson. Neil Von Flue. Matthew Warlick. Ken Lowery. Matt Smigiel. Kyle Starks. Shawn McGuan. Rachel Deering. That’s just the first two issues. Coming up there’s Delilah Dawson, Benito Cereno, Les McClaine, Joe Hunter, and more. The first two issues are really good (and look great on my iPad) and a lot of fun.

There’s no point in pretending that my opinion is unbiased here. So many people involved in this project are pals of mine that there’s no way I could convince you that I’m just being real here, but I am. Check out more sneak looks here.

You can get BOO! through the Comixology app or website (issue one, issue two). Number three comes out on October 24, and number four on HALLOWEEN ITSELF. :O

(And while you’re over in the Monkeybrain section of Comixology, why not pick up Subatomic Party Girls, a rocking tale of space ladies by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Erica Henderson, and Josh Krach?)

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