A Swell Occurrence

On Friday I said that normal blogging would resume on Monday. Turns out I spoke rashly.

Ha ha! That’s a pun because I spent all day Monday sleeping in a Benadryl-fueled haze because I had some kind of crazy allergic reaction. Sunday my eyes started swelling up and my hands were itching and by Monday morning my eyes were almost swollen shut. You can see a picture here, but it’s kind of gross, which is why I’m putting it behind a link.

I have no idea what cased this. I’ve never reacted this way to anything before. I wasn’t out in the yard and I didn’t eat or handle anything unusual. Apparently people can just suddenly get allergic to something. If that’s the case, then god help me, because I was pretty much just around the usual stuff I’m around.

I saw the doctor, who told me to just wait it out with Benadryl, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Becky had the good idea to wet my sad garret gloves and put them in the freezer, so now they’re keeping my hands cool and itchless. Meanwhile, though the eye swelling seems to be going down, we’ve reached the portion of the show where hives start appearing. Earlier this morning I pretty much watched as a raised red itchiness covered my arm (another gross picture here) and then, after about a half hour, faded away. They pop up and then vanish and then pop up again elsewhere.

Hopefully this nonsense will be dying down soon, though I’m still concerned that I have no idea what triggered it (one suggestion was stress, which certainly has been going on here).

In the meantime I’m still eating Benadryl by the fistful and still trying not to sleep because of it.

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