Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain was a great movie. Over the next few days, you’re going to hear many people talk about how good it was.

Which means you’ll hear many people talk about how it sucked.

This is how these things work.

Okay, okay, I’ll say more. Like I said, I really enjoyed it. Now, you guys know I’m not the kind of guy who gets much excited about movies anymore. I’ve been burned far too many times. So when I tell you that I had been looking forward to Sky Captain ever since I first set eyes on the trailer nearly a year ago, I am saying no small thing. I knew as I awaited it that there was a good chance I was setting myself up for disappointment. When it got delayed, I assumed the worst and yet still hoped for the best. Now it’s out, and today I saw it.

And oh my stars and garters, I loved this movie.

It was everything I was hoping for. The acting was spot-on, catching the feel of the time. The visual effects were astounding, and kept me rooted in the world that had been created. The script was (save for one line) just cornball in all the right ways to succeed. Together everything worked to create a pulp atmosphere that allowed me to happily accept some of the ridiculous things that were going on, in the spirit they had been intended.

There were at least two direct Star Wars references I caught, and plenty that obliquely nodded towards that trilogy. Hopefully George Lucas is watching and finally understanding how the prequels could have gone.

It truly is a gorgeous and fun movie. I really had no complaints at all, and that says something, coming from me. Though, I should point out that with zeppelins, robots, and dogfights, there wasn’t much further up my alley this picture could go.

It’s yet another entry in my short list of Action Movies that are Great Without Being Stupid.

Go see it.

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