Space Cabby vs. Travis Bickle by Dave Hotstream

One of the funniest guys I knew in high school was Dave Hotstream. He had a similar love for the absurd and off-beat, but without relying on recycled Monty Python and Hitchhiker’s Guide type stuff as I did. It’s the kind of thing that is hard to describe to anyone and make it sound funny, because so much of it was also just him and his delivery.

One day in Computer Science he slid a small folded up piece of paper over to me. I unfolded it to discover this:

I could not stop laughing (and still do when I see it), but I can totally understand why you might not get that.

I lost touch with him after high school, as I did with 99% of people I knew at my high school and probably should have done with the other 1%. But, like most people, I reconnected with him and others via Facebook a few years back. He spent the intervening years doing Peace Corps, medical volunteer work, and getting a job with a nurse, making him one of the most useful-to-humanity people I know. And after meeting back up with him in person a couple times, I found he’s still a great, funny guy.

He also had the art skills. In high school this was cartoony stuff (which I madly envied) but he’s also worked with it more since then. And for my birthday he used to skills to give me a great present:

Space Cabby has had a run-in with Travis Bickle and I’m betting both of their days are about to get much worse.

This was a great surprise to get on my birthday and I love it. Thanks, Dave!

Dave has also been working on a long-form project and taking some Kubert School courses, and you can see his progress over on his Tumblr. You should totally check that out!

Are YOU an artist (or a writer, Iā€™m not picky!) who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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