Birthday Treat Yo Self

Yes, it’s my birthday! Huzzah for me, though you got another year of me and lost Elmore Leonard and frankly, you got shafted on that deal.

I’m not a big birthday celebrant, so no big plans are here. Becky got me the Fallout 3 hoodie I asked her to get for me.

My in-laws also got me an Xbox game I’ve been wanting, which is way cool. Mostly I’ve gotten well-wishes from friends and relatives and that is enough for me.

Well, sort of. I’ve also been doing a bit of Treat Yo Self. I headed up to Northampton this weekend and, true to my word, bought volumes 2 and 3 (they didn’t have vol 1) of the “Weird Science” EC Comics archives. I also bought that Nightfall expansion I mentioned yesterday.

In other gaming purchases, pal Jim picked up something for me at GenCon, and I ordered the Guildhall expansion and the new reprint of Planet Steam.

What other things did I drop some cash on? I pre-ordered the new Janelle Monáe release. And I need to put in my comics order.

All that treating doesn’t include the gift certificate to Table and Vine that Becky got me for our anniversary. Here are the results of that, along with the flowers I got her:

However, when I was there buying scotch, what else did I see? Sam Adams Octoberfest! I treated my self to a 12 pack.

Now for some Fine Leather Goods.

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