Stop Weighing Yourself. You’ll Make Yourself Crazy.

Man o man, what a week!

First off, there’s the usual busyness at work. John and I got swamped and are just now starting to crawl out from under the pile. Next week will hopefully go smoother and I’ll be able to focus on more tasks other than this one huge one that has metastasized all over us.

But the main thing tying me up was the computer. You all recall that I went Linux last week, and I’m still enjoying it. But we had a bear of a time getting Becky’s (Windows) labtob to communicate with the printer and drives on the Linux box. The solution I came up with was this: Dan just got a nifty new computer and let me have his old one. I put my two big hard drives in it, hooked up the printer, he installed Windows XP on it, I popped it onto the router and voila, Windows file and print server. Becky’s machine talks to it fluently, and since it’s easier to get Linux to talk to Windows than vice versa, I can get to the files as well. (Thanks to a lot of help from Michael!)

So now the Windows box is primarily a file and print server, as well as a jukebox, since the sound card in the Linux box is kind of flaky. Throw in a KVM switch (Keyboard-Video-Mouse: allows me to use the same devices for two different machines) to go back and forth between the two and I’m styling and profiling. It’s a nice nice setup.

Becky started classes and has been busy with that, though we still have been watching episodes of ‘The Prisoner’ and enjoying them. We’ve also been playing a fair amount of San Juan. This weekend we’re planning on seeing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which is actually getting some pretty good reviews, I’m pleased to see. We even did a little geocaching last weekend, for the first time in a while!

Last night was Eberron, and we welcomed two new players to the group, Tom and Matt. Tom’s playing a Druid and Matt is a hilarious halfling barbarian. My changeling actually got to, like, change last night, disguising himself as a goblin to infiltrate their camp. That was nice.

I have plenty of other tasks ahead of me, once I get some breathing room. I have a ton of comics I want to talk about, I have a list of things to add to LegOpinions (which I started on, you may have noticed), and I have some minor code changes to make to that page and to the Linktank that will take maybe a half hour tops once I start on them, I just have to, you know, start on them. I want to play with the Gimp a little (calm down, “The Gimp” is Linux’s answer to Photoshop.) And I have another wave of eBay auctions to start up.

So if blogging’s slow, you know why, but we’re still here and still doing fine. Hope all is well with you!

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