Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I have a valid excuse, and it’s name is Linux. SuSe Linux, actually, which Michael was kind enough to come over and install for me last weekend. Since then, he and my other Linux buddies have been helping me get up to speed on my new operating system.

Why Linux? Well, it all started a few months ago when installing a routine maintenance patch to Windows resulted in my Windows installation becoming corrupted. The only solution was to install a second instance of Windows. Then, in the past few weeks, programs started not behaving right, memory was being chewed up, and my system was, as the kids say, wack. So I had decided that I was going to kill two birds with one stone. I’d wipe my C drive, get rid of the old, inoperable instance of Windows, do a fresh clean new boot, and maybe clean some junk out of my registry that was causing the problems.

But then I thought, why do I keep playing this game? Don’t get me wrong — I’m not one of those people who is going to say that my life before Linux was a Faustian nightmare with Windows. It wasn’t, and for the most part I got along with Windows just fine. But I realized that nearly everything I did on my computer could be done in Linux and I wouldn’t have to deal with the headaches of Windows. In addition, I use Linux at work (albeit in a totally amateur way) and it would be useful to know more about it.

Plus, in the Windows world, if you’re looking for an application that does something simple, you can easily find it. However, its creator will cripple it and want twenty bucks for it. In the Linux world, a full office suite is free. Free is good. And it works, often better than its non-free counterparts.

And it’s just nice. It’s not easy, to be sure (though this particular flavor of Linux, SuSe, has made things pretty easy.) It’s not for people who don’t want to do some tinkering under the hood.

The original plan was that my machine would be dual-boot, so I’d spend most of my time in Linux, then boot into Windows if I wanted to do something I can’t do under Linux, such as play Windows games. Well, Windows decided not to play nice, so I’m currently 100% Linux. But I can’t give up my games forever, so eventually I’ll have a Windows box again. Probably once I get my next computer.

Which will be a Mac.

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