Game Design Status Report #9: The Way of All Things (With Me)

Remember when I was working on a board game of my own?

I guess I first realized it was doomed when I had the third prototype ready to try out and realized even I didn’t want to play this game. It’s not so much that the game itself wasn’t fun, but the process of making it wasn’t fun either. I already have better games than this that are finished and look good and are playable right now; why spend the energy on a worse version? What started out as an interesting diversion had quickly become something I just didn’t want to spend the time on.

There were other factors as well. My boardgame playing suffered a decline for a couple of reasons, and I’d kind of lost interest in board gaming in general. When I did get chances to play it was often same-old-Eurogame-junk that I felt couldn’t justify its own existence. My design didn’t really add anything particularly interesting and the last thing we needed was a game that wasn’t even up to the standards of half-baked Kickstarter crap.

So I’ve shelved that project for now. Who knows, the Wheel of Nerd may turn and I’ll pick it up again one day. Or maybe I will just have a breakthrough idea that makes the project into something worth spending time on. Or maybe it will languish forgotten like so many of my other “projects”. Whatever the case, don’t weep for “Dice! In! Spaaaaace!”; you didn’t miss out on anything.

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