Things People in the Fallout Universe Must Have Said

“Almost packed for our camping trip! All I need is my hammer and my paperweight!”

“I should fix that bookshelf but instead I’ll just sit in front of the TV in my living room that doesn’t do anything”

“Should I hang more grimy clothes in my wardrobe or read the small burned book I keep in my toilet?”

“I could fix up the mostly intact house next door, but that would require moving the skeletons and soda bottles.”

“My family’s lived in this lopsided sheet metal shack in the desert for 200 years and by gum we’re not moving now!”

“Hey, your neighbor wasn’t at home, so I just left his mini-nuke delivery in the mailbox.”

“I could probably get one of these cars working again but, nah, I’m going to make another bazooka that fires teddy bears.”

“Caves? Boring. This scrapyard of volatile nuclear-powered cars will be our hideout. Bring your guns, everyone”

“Can’t believe those bombs dropped. Better not check the hospitals for any usable medical supplies for another, oh, two hundred years or so.”

“Here’s your desk, computer, and pencil. If you need more 5.56 ammo, supply closet’s down the hall.”

(with help from @ThatWeissGuy, @theisb, and @2house2fly)

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