A Note to John Kerry

Quit responding to the Swift Boat crap. Any thinking person with half a brain knows that they’re just a bunch of liars, funded by another group of liars. You’re demeaning yourself and the campaign by playing this stupid game with them. Anyone who is honestly being convinced by them has already made up their mind, so don’t waste time on them.

They’re trying to distract you, make you sit there and talk about foolishness instead of current, important issues. The reason is obvious: because Bush has a big fat ZERO when it comes to those issues. Bush is coming up empty on the economy, jobs, the war on terror, North Korea, the environment, nothing. He’s got no plan for the future. He’s been steeped in lies, corruption, and cronyism since practically day one of his campaign.

This is turning into 2000 all over again, Senator. The tragedy in 2000 wasn’t the disaster that took place in Florida, it was that Gore gave away enough of the campaign to allow Florida to even make a difference.

Do not let the losers in the Bush campaign make you waste valuable time talking about events that are three decades in the past. Right now, every time you open your mouth, you need to be talking about the issues that Bush is too scared to talk about. Put him on the defensive. Talk about his disastrous economic plan. Wonder aloud how frequent vague terror alerts are showing that he’s succeeding in that arena. Ask him point blank what he plans to do about North Korea or Iran and their interest in nuclear weapons. Let people realize that they have heard nothing out of Bush’s mouth about what he plans to do with four more years.

I am depending on you to help us avoid another four years of this arrogant bastard. Do NOT let me down.

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