QUACKING Ourselves Up on Twitter

As you know, we have a lot of stupid fun on Twitter dot com with the jokes and what-not. Every now and then I think of a joke that I’m sure will go big and almost every time it totally thuds, usually because I’ve overestimated how much “funny to me” means to other people.

This morning I had such a joke, one I had high hopes for:

However, almost immediately this conversation ensued:

(11:33:26 AM) Ken Lowery: aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha
(11:33:34 AM) Dave Lartigue: my tweet?
(11:33:38 AM) Ken Lowery: Yes.
(11:33:57 AM) Ken Lowery: i mean she finally won best duck
(11:33:59 AM) Ken Lowery: after all these years
(11:34:05 AM) Dave Lartigue: it’s been her dream
(11:34:41 AM) Ken Lowery: I also just made myself laugh with the response there

he means this:

(11:35:05 AM) Dave Lartigue: hahahaaha
(11:35:58 AM) Dave Lartigue: I don’t normally go for them but I would watch the Duck Awards
(11:36:15 AM) Ken Lowery: it would be so great if it was as huge as the Oscars but it was just the one award
(11:36:16 AM) Ken Lowery: “Best Duck”
(11:36:20 AM) Ken Lowery: and then the show concludes
(11:36:30 AM) Dave Lartigue: still three hours long
(11:36:43 AM) Ken Lowery: jesus, the musical numbers go on and on.
(11:36:56 AM) Ken Lowery: no echoing though so the sound guys have an easy job.

Next thing I knew, it blew up among my friends. Here are some of the responses:

Ben (@franzferdinand2): Imagine the interminable dance numbers, though.

This is Brian (@heythisisbrian): “Quack quack quack quack,” goes the duck. The music swells. “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK.”

Ken Lowery (@kenlowery): RED CARPET. HOST: “Quack quack quack quack?” *puts microphone in other duck’s face* “Quack quack quack”

Ben: Hundreds of TMZ posts. Most are tagged “quack.”

Jason (@jason1749): The Duck host quacking furiously as he tries to lower the microphone stand with no thumbs.

This is Brian: Whacking his head against it.

Hybrid Dolphin (@bradcandoit): Flamboyant duck arrives wearing a dress that looks like Bjork.

Christopher Bird (@mightygodking) Suddenly a streaker runs across the stage with CHIKN RITS painted on its feathers

This is Brian: good god the Bruce Vilanch duck

This is Brian: They return from commercial. “Quack quack,” goes the host duck. In the audience the ducks excitedly quack. Feathers everywhere.

There was more, but then Calamity Jon (@calamityjon) shut it down with this:

Calamity Jon: Always the saddest part of the show

The discussion then turned to the world of Fallout populated by ducks but come on, that’s just silly.

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