Electronic Games Sunday: Fad, Meet Fad

By April ’85, the video game implosion had happened. Home consoles were nearly dead and arcades were going under. Home computers were now where electronic gaming was happening, but this was a different market from before. This was the final issue of “Electronic Games”, which would change its name to “Computer Entertainment” for the next issue in an attempt to stay relevant. It would fold completely soon afterward.

But Reese Communcations, the magazine’s publisher, had an ace in the hole. At the same time electronic games were crashing, one particular board game was a bright shining star. Trivial Pursuit debuted in 1982 but scored crazy sales in 1984, and trivia games were hot hot hot. Thus:

I have no idea how long “Today’s Trivia” rode the wave of trivia mania, as I can’t find any information about it. Ebay, however, has some issues for sale: #1 and #2. Was there a number 3? That’s a trivia question I’m not sure anyone can answer.

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