Still Love Fallout, Still Hate Bioshock

This weekend my goal was to finish my replay of Fallout 3 and I did it because I am focused and goal-oriented. Here’s Jenny at the end of her epic quest:

In addition to the main game I also installed several add-ons. I did Operation: Anchorage early in order to score some sweet power armor, I tried Point Lookout but it handed me my ass. I was going to come back to it later but decided to save it for another playthrough.

The Pitt was every bit as brutal as people had warned me it would be, and I chose the worst of two awful options, but stuck with it. I liked how, at the end of that, I was invited back to come use their stuff whenever I wanted to, as if I didn’t immediately shower and never want to see the place again.

Finally, there was Broken Steel, which does a good job of fixing the tragically stupid original ending of the game. That was a mark in its favor, but the coda it adds to the game seems kind of anticlimactic and out of place. Maybe if the exact same elements had been storyfied a little better it would have worked more for me, I don’t know. It wasn’t bad or anything, just kind of felt awkwardly welded on, even for an add-on.

the Fallout 3 universe is huge. Even without the add-ons I found all kinds of things I didn’t on the first playthrough, and I didn’t do some of the things I did before. And I took the “Explorer” perk towards the end (though I regretted it almost instantly, as it felt like cheating) and saw scads of things I still had never seen.

I still collected pencils because I don’t know why else they’d make them weigh zero pounds, but also grabbed pool balls and baseballs in order to create a ball pit for my Megaton house. It…it didn’t go well.

It might work better in an actual pit. And it didn’t help when I bought the Wasteland Explorer theme for my house and it put a motorcycle in my ball pit.

One bit of cheating I did was ask Becky to go through a spoiler site and note the general locations of Bobbleheads. Thanks to her I got this:

I know generally where the remaining ones are, but that’s for next time. And yeah, I’ve already started thinking about what I want to do next time.

Last night I started on Bioshock Infinite, which Dan loaned me. I’ve been a little wary of it since I didn’t much like the original. I’ve only gotten about 30 minutes into it and already I think I need to just move on to something else. A lot of the same things I hated about Bioshock are still here, and based on those I don’t think I need to stick around for your biting examination of American exceptionalism. I haven’t even fired a real gun yet in the game and already it’s annoying to me. Here, in a nutshell, is pretty much the moment I threw in the towel.

The rest of the gaming world may just have to love Bioshock games without me.

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