Electronic Games Sunday: The Video Maniac Girl REVEALED

At last it’s time for the Video Maniac poster. Every young man who read Electronic Games knows the Video Maniac poster and its tantalizing Forbidden Zone. Here it is in all its glory from the January 1984 issue:

I’m trying to think of how to make that image be more 80s. Maybe a saxophone solo?

“Video Girl” was brought to you by Video Maniac, a company that produced special video game playing gloves (like racing gloves), t-shirts, and game-playing accessories such as a coin holder you could wear on your belt which was available in camouflage colors so that I guess deer couldn’t see you trying to get in line for Donkey Kong. In fact, they provided the official sportswear of the 1984 U.S. National Video Game Team. Oh, and they produce erotic art.

“Censored by Electronic Games Magazine” it says. Whatever amazing things are under that black dot Video Maniac is happy to show you but alas, the cruel overlords at Electronic Games have deemed it verboten.

Never fear, because for five bucks you can get a 22″ by 30″ poster of “Video Girl”, presumably in all her uncensored hotness.

Did anyone do this? All my Google searches produced only the censored version. Maybe Electronic Games’ powers of censorship extended beyond the magazine?

Little did I know, I was doing it wrong. Instead of trying to find it on Google all I had to do was look in the May 1984 issue, when I guess the standards at the magazine lowered a bit. In that issue she takes it all off (where “it” is the black circle only) and reveals the her hidden secrets. Interestingly, it’s also her last appearance in all the issues I have. I guess Video Maniac’s line of specialty videogame-playing gloves and shirts didn’t survive the crash.

If you want to see the full version, click below. I’ve put it behind a link to preserve the sensibilities of my readers, but also in case those with fond memories of only the censored version want to preserve those memories.

Video Maniac Girl (uncensored)

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