Had a nice weekend after a pretty busy workweek (hence the lack of updates). It was my birthday, which I generally don’t make much of a big deal out of, but I got some nice cards, presents, and well-wishes from friends and family.

Some congratulations are in order. There’s George, with his new job. Michael and Erika with a new baby on the way. Lawrence with his excellent medical news. Glover got his orange belt. Karen got a new job. TJ and Mary had an anniversary. There were various and sundry other birthdays as well.

The Great Stench Crisis appears to be at an end. The steam-cleaning of the mattress didn’t accomplish much, but the guy who did it began the appointment by saying, when I answered the door, “I don’t know what the problem is with your mattress, but I smell skunk out here.” This was in the front yard, where the problem hadn’t been. So we’re back to the skunk theory, bolstered by the fact that when I warned two dog-walking neighbors that there may be a skunk in the area, one claimed she’d seen a skunk. We’re now being extra careful when letting Beebo out.

As for the smell itself, it’s nearly out of the dog, but we had to stop giving him baths for a bit because it was starting to really irritate his skin. The mattress has been treated with this stuff (a whole bottle’s worth) and that seems to have done the trick. We actually slept on it last night, with no ill effects!

Becky signed up for a trial of Netflix and one of the first things she grabbed was DVDs of the 60’s British sci-spy series, The Prisoner. Having run in geek circles all my life, I’d heard plenty about this show, usually in the form of catchphrases and iconic images, but I’d never actually seen it. Watching it now is really peculiar, not just because the show itself is really peculiar, but because it’s almost like the show was built around those catchphrases and images. It’s like when I saw Casablanca for the first time and realizing I’d already heard just about every line of dialog before, just not in order or at the same time. We’re enjoying the show and looking forward to getting more of it.

In gaming news, I now have a new Eberron character to replace the late, lamented, Lithos. His name is Grep, and you can read about him here. I came up with a new adventure idea for the Digby’s Daredevils game, and while at Modern Myths this weekend, I overheard a conversation involving a post-apocalyptic d20 Modern game, and gave my name and email to the guy planning to run it. So all of that is pretty cool!

Speaking of post-apocalyptic RPGs and such, that reminds me of another thing that “happened” last week. Or didn’t happen. Because I was so busy at work, I didn’t get much of a chance to keep up with all the blogs I read, many of which are comics related. What I discovered was that I didn’t miss most of them. So I dumped a lot of them off my list of regularly read blogs. As I used to do with various forums I frequented, I discovered how easy it was to let these things suck away my free time. I’d sit there reading the same things over and over again, and meanwhile my to-do list of personal projects never got any shorter. So I’m trying to do something about that. I started reading comics blogs just to get a heads-up on new books to check out and got roped into to all kinds of discussions that, ultimately, I don’t really care about. So I’m getting back to basics there. I plan to do my part soon by doing some quickie reviews of comics I’ve been reading lately.

As part of my something-of-a-tradition of getting big Lego sets for my birthday and Christmas, I grabbed set 4504, the Millennium Falcon. It is some kinda sweet. I missed out on the original Falcon set years ago and regretted it. I decided not to take a chance this time, and I’m glad I did. It’s a great model full of really nice features. I’ll be doing a detailed review of it soon.

Okay, back to work. If you’re lucky, I might have some political junk to talk about later!

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