Space Cabby by Scott Wegener

There are a lot of artists I’d love to have sketches from, but as much as I love Space Cabby, I often can’t get myself to put down the cash to get it done. That said, there was one artist at Heroes Con I decided I’d get a sketch from no matter the cost, and that was Scott Wegener. I’m a huge fan of Atomic Robo, the comic he draws and Brian Clevinger writes, and knew his style would be a perfect fit for the character.

Clevinger, Wegener, and their editor, Lee Black, were not familiar with Space Cabby (most people aren’t) and let me yak on about how awesome the character was. By the time I was done, Clevinger was looking to swipe the character for the Roboverse. SORRY, WHAT I MEAN IS, CLEVINGER SAID, “HUH! THAT CHARACTER IS SIMILAR YET NOT ACTIONABLY SO TO A CHARACTER I HAD ALREADY COME UP WITH FOR THE ROBOVERSE.”

The sketch Scott did for me is utterly charming, as was Team Robo itself. Brian, Scott, and Lee were great to meet. Seriously, folks, check out Atomic Robo. It’s great fun made by swell people.

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

(The Space Cabby Gallery)

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