Space Cabby by Jordan Witt

I’m pretty sure that Jordan Witt was the first artist at Heroes Con I asked for a Space Cabby sketch. She’s a Twitter pal whose loose, friendly art style seemed like it would work perfectly for the guy. Sure enough, she caught his cocky, devil-may-care attitude that also says, “please hire my cab as I am so very hungry.” I also like the vary faithful “actual-cab-with fins”.

Jordan webcomics at 52nd Door with her comic “Scarred for Life”. She’s also started work on a bigger project, The Organization of Ghost Hunters, which is headquartered here.

At Heroes I got a couple of OGH minis (“The Pretzel” and “Haint Hasslers”) as well as a collection of her “First Meetings” comics. I liked them all, but “The Pretzel” made me laugh out loud, at one panel in particular.

Thanks for the sketch, Jordan!

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

(The Space Cabby Gallery)

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