Go, Space Cabby, Go! by Joe Hunter

One of the long-time Twitter pals I was finally able to meet while at Heroes Con was Joe Hunter. It turns out the real-life Joe is full of style, grace, and wonder, and one of the absolute nicest guys you’ll meet. I bought the minicomic he had for sale there, Disarmed, and read it last night. It’s a tale of mystery and arm-wrestling and you can see samples of it here.

Joe’s done the webcomic “Ghost Bucket” and is working on The Paradoxicals with Andrew Ihla and Not So Super with Jacques Nyemb. You can see more of his artwork at his Tumblr.

Joe’s drawn a sort of Speed Racer type Space Cabby, dashing off to adventure, excitement, or possibly lunch. Look at the determination on his face! It’s a great sketch and I’m glad to have it in the Gallery.

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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