Are Pee Gees

A lot has been going on for me lately, gaming wise. The first is the Eberron game that TJ is running. (Following on the heels of a brief In Nomine adventure, which was my first time playing that particular game.)

So far, after only two sessions, we haven’t really seen the difference between Eberron and just plain D&D. My character  is  was a Warforged Monk named Lithos. Warforged is a new character race in Eberron, beings that are living constructs. This was the discussion when rolling up my character:

11:02:39 [shasticon] So what are you playing?

11:03:26 [legomancer] warforged monk

11:05:44 [shasticon] What’s warforged?

11:08:17 [legomancer] living constructs

11:10:55 [shasticon] Whoa, you’re playing a robomonk?

11:11:25 [lanfaedhe] dave’s a Clank

11:11:49 [legomancer] nods!

11:12:08 [shasticon] You should be all EX. TER. MIN. ATE.


Unfortunately, for the last line of the haiku, read “leaf” as “giant hammer-like arm of some kind of mining construct” and read “somewhere” as “on my character’s head, doing 18 points of damage,” and then light a joss stick for the departed Lithos. In addition to me, we have Brett playing a (deceased now as well) half-elven mage, Dan with a dragonmarked human fighter, Grant with a dwarven cleric, and Jared, who is soon off to grad school in Maryland, with a dwarven ranger/rogue. Brett has talked about making a monk for his next character, and I’m probably going with a wizard. We should have just swapped character sheets!

In addition, I’m also trying to get the Digby’s Daredevils pulp game off the ground, which will use the Feng Shui rules. (If you live near me (Springfield, MA), can make a monthly game, and are interested, email me.) It probably won’t be starting until September.

I also broke open my piggy bank last week and picked up two new books. The first is OGL Steampunk which I’m claiming is a birthday present, so I haven’t opened it up yet. But the second…

The second is d20 Future, and a cursory flip through it reveals that it may be just the thing I need for my perennial project, Ground Zero. TJ may be helping me out on this and I’d really like to tackle it again. Hopefully, with the RPG constellation in ascendance for me, I can actually get something on it done before my short attention span turns to something else.

Ooooh! Legos!

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