My New iPad

After much hemming and hawing, last night I reached down and grabbed a pair (of shoes; I was barefoot at the time) and headed up to the Apple store to get me a new iPad. Behold!

I had been getting increasingly frustrated with my original one. It was slow and crashy, and so many apps now demand iOS 6, which the iPad 1 can’t run. Plus I had maxed out my space on it. Plus I was cranky from a prolonged headache and thought buying a new toy might help.

This is the current model (iPad 4, I think) with Retina display, 64GB, and wi-fi only. I didn’t think the display would be that noticable, since the graphics on the original are pretty sweet but holy cow, it really stands out. I’m also loving the speed. Some folks had advised I wait until the new model comes out later this year, but I knew that the difference between the 1 and the 4 would be much much greater than the difference between the 4 and the 5. Plus, all I read about the upcoming model was “thinner and lighter” and come on, it’s not like I’m carrying a grand piano here.

In addition to being much nicer and faster than my old one, it also has a built in camera, which led to MY FIRST SELFIE:

Am I doing it right?

As for the old one, Becky said she might play around with it, see if it’s something she might have use for. If not, I’ll probably try to sell it. Depending on what one’s needs are, it’s still perfectly good.

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