Danger 5

The weather for most of this past long weekend was miserable: wet and cold. On Sunday we even had a fire in the fireplace. As a result, we stayed in and watched TV and played videogames. Otherwise, of course, we would have definitely been out there being fun and active, I assure you. It was the weather’s fault. Completely.

One of the things we watched was Danger 5, a six-part Australian comedy. I’d say it’s hard to describe, but that’s not true — it’s weird to describe but not difficult. It’s an action series set during World War II done in the style of 60s spy/action shows, with a healthy scoop of absurdity and a spoonful of sexy. Each episode is a bizarre and hilarious mission to stop some ridiculous Nazi plan, usually involving cheap special effects, women in lingerie, and mixed drinks.

The Danger 5 team is an international crack force consisting of Tucker (Australia), Claire (England), Jackson (America), Ilsa (Russia), and Pierre (Europe. All of Europe, apparently.) Headed by the no-nonsense and eagle-headed Colonel Chestbridge (who is apparently a “two star” colonel), they take on only the most critical and perilous missions involving dinosaurs, casinos, clones, sex palaces, giant monsters, and birthday parties (for Hitler).

Here’s the trailer for the series:

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be available on DVD in America, which is a damn shame. I had to resort to…unscrupulous sources…to watch it. But it’s totally worth seeking out. In fact, that’s your mission: seek out and watch Danger 5!

Oh…and for god’s sake, kill Hitler!

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