February Previews Order

Welp, my orders for the latest Previews are in, and here’s what’s on tap. My budget kicked in this month, making me opt out of the Ultra TPB and the Dark Horse Book of the Dead, but that’s the beauty of trades…they’ll still be around whenever a light month happens.

  • New Frontier vol 2
  • Tom Strong #32
  • Vimanarama #2
  • Invincible #0
  • Atheist #2
  • Jack Staff #9
  • 24 Hour All Stars
  • Girl Genius #14
  • Nil GN
  • Shaolin Cowboy #3
  • Drawn and Quarterly #8
  • Knights of the Dinner Table #102
  • 20th Century Boys v1
  • Fortean Times #196

Can someone out there with artistic skills do me a favor? I like “The Walking Dead” from Image as much as the next guy, but I’d really like to see a drawing of a zombie on waterskis jumping over a shark. Thanks.

Edited to add: Actually, I’d like him jumping over a pirate ship.

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