Digby’s Daredevils

This is the players’ introduction to the monthly RPG I’ll be running. I’m putting it here for them to look at, but check it out even if you’re not one of them. I’m open to suggestions and ideas, too!

The year is 1946. World War 2 has ended and Hitler is no longer a threat to the world. America is feeling strong and powerful after its victory, but also tired and ready to get back to normal. In this world, the atomic bomb, though still a source of fear and awe, also has inspired a new interest in science, some of which includes previously unknown and unexpected laws of physics (possibly a side effect of the bomb.)

But there’s still evil afoot. The Soviet Union is up to no good, obviously, not all science is used for good, and not all of the Nazis are accounted for. (Rumor has it that even Hitler himself might still be out there, somehow, biding his time…) And that’s just the obvious threats. There’s also talk about mysterious flying saucers, sightings of unknown beasts in remote areas of the world, and mutterings of dark organizations with sinister goals. The world is still not a safe place.

The brave fighting men have done their job and deserve to go home and live normal lives. These new battles are for a special breed of hero, one who knows from the start that he will not have the wife and kids, the comfortable job, the slippers and pipe at the end of the day. He’ll only have a life of danger, adventure, and two-fisted justice. So he’ll need to have a love for those things.

Enter Maximillian Digby, the enigmatic and eccentric multi-millionaire. He understands the need for such heroes, and while personal reasons prevent him from becoming one himself, his vast resources are well-suited to funding such a group. He’s placed ads in newspapers, magazines, and comic books throughout the Free World:

Responses poured in. Newspapers and magazines covered the trials, in which aviators, sharpshooters, pugilists, scientists, hypnotists, acrobats, hunters, mystics, escape artists, and other bizarre specialists all demonstrated their singular abilities to a panel of judges, who then rated them by some unknown method. After sifting through them all, the team was assembled. However, anyone expecting the “winners” to enjoy fame and fortune was surprised when newspaper articles declared the whole thing a hoax and practical joke dreamed up by the unpredictable Max Digby.

Nevertheless, the team does exist. They’re not the best in their leagues. They have an odd range of talents. But for some reason or other, Digby feels this team is best suited to handle the tasks set before them.

You, the members of Digby’s Daredevils, really don’t know quite what to think. None of this has been as you have expected. For one thing, you’ve never even seen Maximillian Digby himself, only dealt with him through his assistant, Miss Atlanta. You’re not sure why you’ve been selected, as you saw other applicants who you thought had a lot more going for them than yourself or some others on the team. It all DOES seem like an elaborate hoax. But you can’t deny that Digby’s set you all up in a beautiful mansion with state-of-the-art equipment.

Whatever may come, you’re along for the ride. You wanted excitement, and there seems to be a promise of plenty of it…

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