It’s That Time Again!

Previews Time! And once again, a snark-free look at what I plan to order. Items with an asterisk in front are from my regular pull list.

Dark Horse

  • Hellboy: Weird Tales volume 2 TPB
  • * Star Wars Tales


  • Adam Strange #1
  • Adam Strange: Man of Two Worlds TPB
  • * Ex Machina #4
  • Terra Obscura v1, #2
  • * Tom Strong #28

Note: “Superman: True Brit” is tempting, but $25 just isn’t doing it for me. And I’ll certainly get Dave Gibbon’s “The Originals,” but I’ll wait for the softcover.


  • * Jack Staff #7
  • * The Walking Dead #12




  • * Demo #10 (AIT/Planet Lar)
  • * Street Angel #3 (SLG)
  • Colonia #10 (Colonia Press)
  • Even More Fund Comics (CBLDF)
  • * Knights of the Dinner Table #95
  • * KODT: Illustrated #38
  • Doctor Who: Dragon’s Claw GN (Panini Press)
  • Hikaru No Go Volume 2 (Viz)


  • * Fortean Times

There are a number of graphic novels that are tempting me, but I really need to cut down my spending some. I kind of went a little crazy last month. Still, I’m lucky that my store is really good about getting such things in (and keeping them in stock) that I’ll be able to look at them when they come in and decide if I want them then.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of town for Free Comic Book Day (dangit! It’s almost like July 4 weekend isn’t an optimal time to schedule this!), but my shop owner, the ever reliable, charming and enigmatic Jim Crocker, has promised he’ll “surprise me” with something in my pull folder. We shall see!

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