Forgotten, But Not Forgotten

In my previous entry about the gobs of comics I’ve gotten recently, one got overlooked, and the employees responsible for this oversight have been let go. We run a tight ship here.

Street Angel #2 was in the two-week haul from Modern Myths. Believe me, it wasn’t forgotten because it’s forgettable. With only two issues under its belt, Street Angel has grabbed the comics world by the ears, head-butted it, and then bought it a triple espresso to celebrate. It’s about Jesse Sanchez: orphan, skateboarder, martial artist, possible virgin, and the thin line between civilization and ninjas, pirates, conquistadors, giant squids, incan gods, and Australio-Irish astronauts. Each of the two issues of Street Angel deliver more action, laughs, excitement, and squids than the entire runs of most other comics (except “Richie Rich’s Hilarious Pal, Secret Agent Squid”).

And because I care about all of you, I’d like to get you in on a ground-floor opportunity! How would YOU like to be able to win both issues of Street Angel, delivered to your door, for absolutely no money whatsoever? Well, here’s your chance.

Well, not here, because I don’t care that much, but here! It’s John Jakala’s Hi-Test Pure Octane Street Angel Squid Contest (with Platformate). All you have to do is write up a story involving the constant battle between Street Angel and her nemesis, the giant squid, win, and you’ll get handed both issues of the comic during an event to be televised on CBS! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win!

If you don’t feel your writing chops are up to the task, there’s an alternative contest, where you go into a comics shop, bring the two issues to the counter, and, if you can supply the correct amount of currency, you’ll walk out with two of the best books you’ll ever own! That one’s for the mathier folks out there.

So what are you waiting for? Do you need to smacked in the solar plexus with a skateboard? (There’s no contest of that nature at the moment, but you might want to watch Johnny Bacardi’s blog for developments. Who knows?)

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