The Color of Stupid

What’s wrong with this picture?

Ever wonder why the border of this site is such a garish yellow? It’s because that color (more or less) is the color of Lego people.

Not anymore. Sure, the standard generic minifigs are still good ol’ Lego yellow. But Lego decided its licensed properties are going to come in ebony and ivory, side by side in my parts bin, oh Lord, why don’t we?

When they first started doing this with the NBA players, it didn’t bother me, partly because I don’t care about NBA players, and partly because I just assumed that, being based on real people, they existed in some alternate Lego world with fleshtones.

Then Lando Calrissian came along and threw the Lego world into a dilemma. They responded by making him black in a world of yellow people.

Apparently they decision reached further than I suspected it would, because as I said, licensed figures (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spider-Man) are going to come as they appear in the real world.

Call me a traditionalist who hates change, but this just bugs me. I liked the little yellow world. I liked using my imagination to decide if a character was white, black, green, orange, or just plain yellow. And furthermore, I don’t want newer licensed sets to be incompatible with older ones! “Yo, what’s up with Dumbledore, Harry? He’s looking kind of jaundiced!”

I don’t want to come off like one those Lego fans who feel that anything more detailed than a standard 2×4 brick is objectively of da Debbil. I have no problem with minifigs or sets that actually look like something when they’re put together. But this whole color thing is, in my opinion, a solution without a problem. Were enough people really outraged that Peter Parker didn’t sport the right skin tone? On the contrary, I was always impressed by how well the people doing the minifig heads captured the essence of the characters, usually doing so through very little detail.

We all know that change is different, and therefore bad. Perhaps in time I’ll get used to this and it won’t bug me anymore.

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