The Enigmatic Lingerie of Aldebaran

And now, a sexy quiz for you!

Here are two ladies enjoying some sensual activity time.


What are they going to do as soon as the climactic moment is over?


Why, immediately put their bras back on and then lay back again and relax, of course!

I just finished the comic Aldebaran by Léo. It’s the first part in a series, and the first book in Betelgeuse, the sequel, is coming my way soon. Aldebaran was pretty good and I’m looking forward to part two.

The original work is French, and there’s a fair amount of sexy sex involved. Cinebook, which translated and published these works in English, decided to “modify” certain illustrations, “in order not to upset our more sensitive readers”. (They say this is with the author’s consent.) Their solution is bras, bras everywhere! In addition to the examples above, there are scenes in which a person who is clearly going “au naturel” lifts up her shirt to reveal…sudden magic bra!

Look, I’m sitting at a computer connected to the Internet, the Aladdin’s Lamp of Porn. If I want to see a breast, I have literally dozens to choose from, in whatever size, shape, and density I desire. It’s okay by me if I read comics that don’t have boobs in them. However, these weird stealthy ninja bras, appearing out of nowhere, are just ridiculous. I would seriously prefer if instead Cinebook did this:

Now the offensive body parts are replaced with adorable French pixie Amélie! Your mind doesn’t go, “Wait a minute, there wasn’t one Amélie there a moment ago, much less two!” Instead it correctly realizes material is being censored and moves on accordingly. With the bras, it’s a sort of uncanny valley of sexiness because it’s almost familiar yet not quite right.

I’m not much for reading interviews with artists and creators because I’d much rather just look at the work, but man, I want someone to track down whoever had to draw in all those bras and interview them. I want to know that person’s story.

Oh, the comic itself? Something about a mysterious sea creature and an oppressive government and also bras.

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